linewalkWalking is a basic human activity. Our mobility is explicit in the construction of power and notions of domination.  Who determines where we can move?

The Walking Borders project  engages the action of walking as activism. Through walking and image we aim to draw attention to the construction of borders and the power of border controls in the politics of refugee and asylum seeker rights.

Simple paper boats are used as markers in the physical landscape, representing the fragility of those who attempt to cross our borders seeking asylum.

Walking as political action has a long history from the Gurindji people walking the border of the Wave Hill Station to Ghandi’s Salt Satyagrah movement. The quiet, meditation of walking is used to mark space and place oneself in action.

Individuals, Groups,  Families and friends are invited to join us for this project.
Participation and support can be through:

  • supporting the project team in coordination, media support, documentation
  • making boats
  • joining the walking team when activated, at a time and length of participation suitable for you

There will be gatherings for coming together around the boat building over the times we are in activation mode, let  us know if you are interested or sign up for the newsletter to keep informed.

boats shadow our busy lives#395 - 8 year old, retreating inward away from the brutality of living in Australian detention centre# 3395 - 23 years old, persecuted for wanting an education, her future decided by ignorant pub politics and inhumane leaders# 451, 452, 453 & 454 - family fleeing politics based on racial divide, divided now by barb wire in Australian detention# 32 - lost at sea