10 Nov

Actions on 15th November for Refugee Supporters

Walking Borders

Conductor of With One Voice Brisbane, Cath Mundy

Conductor of With One Voice Brisbane, Cath Mundy

We wish to invite you to join us on Saturday 15 November at 11am for the Walking Borders River Flotilla event. The Walking Borders project is being enacted during the gathering of the G20 in Brisbane, to advocate for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.
On Saturday 15 November the Brisbane River will become a focus for presentation of a flotilla installation which will be sung up the river to join the People’s March, connecting our action to the diverse voices of the groups gathering in Brisbane during the G20.
Local song writers Mundy- Turner (http://www.mundyturner.com/) have written a song “Refugee (Mercy)” which we are using as our theme song for the project. This can be found on our website – http://walkingborders.net/refugee-mercy-song/ .
We are keen to see a large group of people for the Saturday event and we invite you to join us. We will be gathering 11am at Musgrave Park, Russell Street West End, near the children’s playground.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish for more information. Further details about the project can be found at our website – www.walkingborders.net .

People’s March

There will be a refugee rights contingent in the People’s March on Saturday 15th November. Meet with RAC people at 11am, at Roma St Forum. G20 rules say that we can’t have banners with poles, can’t have banners bigger than 1m by 2m. The famous big yellow RAC banner will unfortunately not be present. But we will have plenty of small banners and placards, so keep an eye out for us, and please join us.

The organisers of the march have promoted it as being peaceful and family friendly. We urge you to believe that, rather than the scarey stories you may have read in the Courier-Mail, which are most likely fabricated lies.

Further info about the march: www.briscan.net.au or email march@briscan.net.au .
Further info about RAC’s participation : Paul, 3392 3843, paul@rac-qld.org or Mark, 0439 561 196.