G20 Summit Activation 2014

Beautiful voices, drifts of paper boats and the gentle steps of concerned Australians

Over the period of the G20 Summit, 1–16 November 2014 Brisbane Australia,  the Walking Borders project set out to highlight the importance of Refugee and Asylum Seeker rights, especially in the context of Australia’s Operation Sovereign Border strategy.

Walking the Borders

During the G20 a special Security Act was enforced , declared area security borders around the inner-city (pink) and high security zones (blue) around various buildings.





Walking Borders walked and lay boats along the border lines of each of the high security zones (blue) on the days they were activated. A  24 hr / 4 day walk around the declared zone (pink) was enacted over the main days of the G20 Summit – from 12 midnight 12 November until 12 midnight on the 16 Nov.











Sunday workshops

Workshops were held in local parks to encourage participation of interested people who were not able to participate in the direct walk action. We folded boats, met each other and shared ideas around supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Brisbane.

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River Flotilla

On Saturday 15 November between 11 am and 2 pm the Brisbane River became a focus for presentation of a flotilla installation which was sung up the river to join the People’s March, connecting our action to the diverse voices of the groups gathering in Brisbane during the G20.










‘Refugee – Have Mercy’ is the theme song for Walking Borders. It was composed by Cath Mundy and Jay Turner, two musicians based in Queensland. Performed in this recording by unityvoices community choir and Tanglefoot.

Community members, choirs, musicians, solo singers and willing participants were encouraged to join us to walk to the Brisbane river and sing a flotilla of boats up the river as a powerful message to our world leaders that refugees are welcome.