Walking Borders in schools


We have a set of resource cards available to support classroom conversation and learning around the issues relating to Australia and refugee and asylum seeker rights. Please contact us f you are interested.

Students, teachers, parents and the wider school community can get involved


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Community choirs, musicians, solo singers, and all participants can learn the ‘Refugee (Have Mercy)’ song and present it in myriad forms. School students are invited to learn the song (as a class, year level, house, choir, music group (or whole school!) and record their own version to upload and share on the website. It may be hip hop, acoustic, acapella or jazzy, as long as the words and melody are the same.¬† Listen to song & learn >


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Paper boats will be used as markers, symbols, and modes of information sharing throughout the Walking Borders action. Boat making workshops  can be held in your classrooms, lunchtimes, after school, at home, inviting parents and friends too. Then drop off your created boats to the main Walking Boarders team to use or CREATE YOUR OWN EVENT. Maybe you could place boats in a path around your school, or in the school landscape. Learn how to make >


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Walking Borders will be activating walks at different times. School groups are invited to join other individuals, groups, choirs, families and friends in walking at a time and length of participation suitable for you. You can organise a local community wlk at anytime, contact us to assist in coordinating.  Upload a video of your own version of the action. Eg: hold a walkathon around the oval, or any other creative idea you have!